Product Vision is a Software As A Service (SaaS) product that makes it easy for campaign managers to create a list of clickable digital actions their audiences can take (and share) using their devices (mobile or lap/desktop). User actions are tracked and reported in real-time. Users get “Karma Points” for not only the actions they take but also for actions taken by 7 generations of referrals. Users can watch their impact grow in real-time.

Essential Features
– easy to create and share Action lists (Campaigns)
– Campaign managers control suggested messaging
– Actions are reported in real-time
– KarmaPoints for all post-referral activity
– subscription SaaS

A DigitalActionPage is a clickable HTML+javascript webpage (viewable on most devices) that contains a list of digital Actions users can take, such as: “Email this Senator”, “Send this Tweet to that CEO”, “Call this County Commissioner’s Office”, “Fill out this form” or “Click this URL” with suggested messaging provided by Campaign Managers who subscribe to the service. Campaign Managers manage their Campaigns, or collection of Actions. Actions can be organized into Action Groups and are tracked and reported at the individual and campaign levels in real-time. Campaign Managers create Contacts, Actions and suggested messages. They can also create Reminders (instead of “notifications” or “alerts”) to let users know there are new actions to take.

Current Status
A WordPress-based prototype has been developed that allows a campaign manager to create, organize and host a list of clickable digital actions. The Prototype uses Google’s Civic API and API’s to automatically create actions for government officials at the county, state, and federal levels based on a user’s entered address.

Actions are presented in groups as cards (roughly following Material design) with suggested messages managed by the Campaign Manager. Clicks on actions are counted and reported in real-time. An admin can create new campaigns and assign user accounts as Campaign Managers. A prototype Campaign was developed for Philadelphia to illustrate the concept: (

Prototype Deficiencies:
– Too many actions presented to user to take – option overwhelm
– Not easily integratable to nonprofit CRM’s
– KarmaPoints not implemented

The current UI was developed as a prototype and is not ideal. For exampl

User Features (# indicates how well current protype fulfils each feature)
Easy signup/login from social accounts (0)
My Campaigns (list of suscribed campaigns with alerts, actions) (2)
Campaign action page(s) (list of actions created by Campaign Manager) (3)
User profile page (2)
  – contact info (4)
  – activity/KarmaPoints (0)
      by Campaign (0)
  – reminders preferences (0)
  – newsletter subscription (0)
  – causes I care about (0)
Ability to select from available campaigns (0)
Easy Way to Invite friends (share your invitation code to watch your impact grow) (2)

Campaign Admin Features
Tiered Freemium subscription (monthly subscription tiers based on # of actions taken. First 100 actions free for anyone) (0)
Google Analytics Integration (3)
“Share my info” – User grants permission to share email address with client organization (0)
“Karma Points” (0) – multi-level cause marketing: users get points for actions they take, including inviting others to participate. Users also get points for actions taken by anyone they invite. and so on, and so on, tracking a user’s impact through 7 generations of referrals.
Reporting dashboard shows top users and actions in the campaign in realtime. (3)
Actions can be scheduled (and recurring) (0)
Verifiable actions (some actions can be verified: did the user actually post a tweet?) (0)
Campaign admins can add contacts and actions (2)
Actions can be organized into action groups (4)
Campaign admins can customize suggested messaging. (3)
Campaign admins can create reminders for their campaign subscribers (0)
Create a User Journey (0): a sequence of tasks that make it easy for users to take a lot of actions. (instead of 40 actions, show only one action at a time. As they take actions, they move through the list of actions. Like Tinder of Activism)

Development Features
On a scalable cloud platform (DigitalOcean) (4)
Currently WordPress based
Open Supporter Data Interface compliant (0)
Abuse detection (0)